Data Collection is a Key Part of ABA Therapy

Data Collection is a Key Part of ABA Therapy


Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is the most successful and highly recommended treatment for autism spectrum disorder and it is one that has shown the best results for educators within public and private school systems. There are a number of different elements to ABA therapy, and one of the key components involved is data    school data analysis,   collection. With ABA, the goal is to use techniques such as prompting and task analysis to break concepts and behaviors down into teachable steps. With data collection and analysis, it becomes easier for educators and other professionals to understand behavior patterns and to measure the progress of the child.

When you implement ABA therapy into your school system using a DVD course or other means, data collection is very important. In most cases, a child will interact with different teachers and guidance counselors each week. Keeping accurate data that highlights behaviors, responses, and progress enables everyone involved to see what is working and to assess which types of prompts or teaching methods work best for the individual child. This makes it much easier to teach the child using the most understandable and effective methods possible.

Another benefit of proper data collection is that it allows everyone who teaches the child to stay on the same page. Parents and educators work hand in hand to shape behaviors and to teach concepts, and data analysis sheets highlight what is being done as well as what is truly working. When a child performs well at home but not at school, or vice versa, these sheets allow parents and educators to work together to see what differences are creating the problem. They also allow all parties to determine the behaviors that are the most immediately necessary so that everyone can work on teaching the same thing.

There are many studies that show that ABA therapy in schools is the most effective way to ensure that children with autism spectrum disorder receive the best education and the best chance of being able to learn in a classroom with their peers. These children are often highly intelligent, but they often miss out on learning opportunities because they are never given the training they need in order to learn. ABA training for teachers is very important, and data analysis can make a significant difference. When the goal of your school system is to ensure that you are truly teaching every child, implementing proper Applied Behavior Analysis training is certainly a very crucial step to take.


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