5 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn’t Buy From Second Hand Baby Stores

5 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn’t Buy From Second Hand Baby Stores


The overall number of second hand baby stores have more than doubled in the past few years. This means that today there happens Babies store in uk

to be as many second hand stores as those selling new baby items. Perhaps one of the reasons for the growing number of stores is the fact that the profit margin is pretty good compared to selling new clothes. That said from a parent’s stand point buying second hand clothing, shoes, toys and other items for kids is not a good idea. Here are a few reasons why experts recommend that parents do not buy from second hand baby stores.

Clothes may be infested with various diseases

Babies have almost no immune system which is why they are vulnerable to almost anything. Conditions like the common cold, small pox, chicken pox etc., can all be transferred from clothing or toys to a baby. Even though second hand baby clothes are first dry-cleaned in most cases prior to being sold this does not make them safe to wear which is why experts advise against buying second hand. That said there are a number of resilient viruses that can easily withstand the cleaning and disinfecting process used by most stores.

Items are not durable

Second hand baby stores often sell items which are repaired or already half way into their service life. Yes you will save 70% off buying a brand new stroller or a car seat for instance but they will not last as long, so you’ll need to buy another one just a few months later. Also because many of these items have been repaired there is no telling when the wheels of a baby stroller may fall off or when the safety strap on the car seat may break.

‘Slightly used’ is a relative term

Many baby stores selling second items may advertise that they are ‘slightly used’ but what is a slightly use item? The term is subjective but it’s a great way for the seller not to tell you that they do not know anything about how the item was used and exactly how much it was used. This ambiguity is a huge risk you shouldn’t be taking with your children.

You cannot return items

Online baby stores that sell second hand items have no return, refund or warranty policy. So, once these items arrive at your doorstep there is nothing you can do to get your money back or a replacement in the event they are broken, torn, or defective. What may look fine in a photograph may not necessarily reflect the item’s true condition which is what makes buying second hand items online risky and often a waste of money.

You’re wasting your time

If you want to find that rare gem when searching through second hand baby stores online it’s going to take you lots of time and you may still end up with trash. The same goes for searching for these items offline. So, you’re better off saving your time and buying new to begin with.



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