The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cheap Hosting  

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cheap Hosting  

Marketing your products and services to customers is difficult. It does not only entail careful planning and hard work but also a lot of money. One way to effectively market your products and services is to put up a website. A website or an online store helps in increasing your sales and in obtaining more customers. However, putting up a    hosting murah   website can be quite expensive especially if you want to hire a team of graphic designers and web experts. Having a website also means having to pay a monthly fee to host your website domain. Fortunately, there are service providers that offer cheap or free web hosting. Using a cheap or free web hosting can be a double edge sword. What are the advantages and disadvantages of cheap hosting?

The most obvious benefit of using a cheap hosting is that it is cost efficient. Companies, especially small business, cannot afford the extra expense of hosting their website. By choosing a cheap hosting service, your company will be able to save a lot of money. In the case of free web hosting services, your company does not need to shell out any money at all. There are no monthly fees, and anything you want can be put into your website.

Another advantage is that cheap web hosting sites are very easy to use. Most of these hosting sites allow companies to design their websites on their own. Since it has “do-it-yourself” features, it is very easy to use and is not complicated to navigate around. This type of hosting service is very beneficial for those who has limited amount of knowledge regarding web hosting.

Looking at advantages and disadvantages of cheap hosting, big businesses might not benefit from using cheap hosting sites. One major disadvantage is that a free or cheap website has limited space. Cheap hosting accounts cannot provide users with enough storage space or bandwidth. There might not be enough space for multiple pages, graphics and videos. This will result to a cheap-looking site which will make your customers think twice about your company.

Some cheap hosting sites earn money by allowing other companies to put advertisements in the users’ websites. Don’t get surprised if you see advertisements that you didn’t put in your websites. These Cheap hosting sites might also use pop-ups which can be very irritating for visitors. This might lead to fewer customers visiting your website.

Another disadvantage is that cheap hosting sites might have your website URL as a subdomain of the web hosting company domain. This is not good for your business as customers might think that your company is not well established enough to have your own website. Others might even think that your company is a scam. There is a big possibility that a potential customer will disregard your website and choose another company who sells the same product as you.

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