What’s So Good About TODO for iPad?  

What’s So Good About TODO for iPad?  

If you are one of those people who need to make a list of things to do (TODO) then this new app from the manufacturer “appigo” is just the one you need for your iPad. People who have    טודובום    this app rate it highly and say it is the best on the market.

You might be one of those people who jot down notes about various subjects as they come into your head and use random scraps of paper to do this. Now you can jot things down as they come into your head and later move the notes you have made to an appropriate file in the TODO notebook. TODO means you no longer have to write on scraps of paper which you inevitably lose or never get around to organizing; you can make notes directly onto the app and when you get a moment, you can file them neatly.

This is easy to do, as you just find the note you want to move tap on it and enter view mode. Then tap the file button, which is the furthest left on your screen and select the notebook you want to file your new note in. While you are in view mode the notebook the note is in will be displayed at the top left of your note, so if you decide it should be moved to another notebook you can do this quite easily.

For me this is the best thing about TODO as I often write notes about an idea for an article or short story. The problem is I frequently lose the notes and a good idea often fails to materialize in my writing, because I can’t quite remember it.

With TODO you can create notes and lists and remind yourself of special tasks you really shouldn’t forget to do and as long as you check the app you won’t forget the “to do” list. You can check off what you’ve accomplished and delete items as you go along too, which is also useful.

The makers of TODO have a downloadable PDF of its user manual so you can peruse it at your leisure and see exactly what this new app can do. Apart from this the appigo has pages of support advice and help, which users will find very helpful. Instructions come in concise step by step form so that you can follow them easily. This is definitely a useful little app!


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