How Earning Your Online PhD Can Help You Advance Your Career

How Earning Your Online PhD Can Help You Advance Your Career


Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in a career rut and earning a doctoral degree may be a good way to jump-start your career. By  PhD Thesis Help this time in their career, most people have established themselves in a community, bought a home, have a career and may have children in school so relocating for education is not possible. Getting an online PhD is the perfect way to jump start your career and online universities make this possible.

There are many careers in which a PhD is needed in to advance, some of these careers are research, academics or if you are wanting to write policies based on research. Face it PhD programs are intensive and rigorous and only those who are truly engaged in their field and have the intellectual ability to pursue such a degree. PhD programs are also costly so make sure you are committed to putting the time and effort into such a program. Make sure it is the right time in your life and that your responsibilities do not conflict with your studies. For example if you had just had triplets, it is probably not the time to start a PhD program.

There are many career reasons why a PhD would make sense. A doctoral degree is one of the most prestigious degrees a person can obtain and attaining that level of degree makes a strong statement about your knowledge and expertise in your field. A PhD demands respect and is a huge advantage regardless of what field you are pursuing. A doctoral degree means that you have taken the time and effort to complete the stringent standards of study and the skill set you gain while obtaining a PhD will help you through many challenges in life.

When you have decided to take on a PhD program, which one should you choose and how do you know if an online PhD program is right for you. Online PhD programs are helpful for those that need a flexible schedule or do not have the ability to move. Completing a doctoral degree online though will require the student to be serious and dedicated to their program. For many living in rural communities, there were little opportunities to obtain advance degrees without moving until the advent of the online degree. These degrees allowed students to remain in their home communities while gaining the education they desired.

Make sure you always check the credentials of any school you attend online or on campus. Far too many degree mill universities just offer quick and easy programs and should not be taken seriously as professional organizations. You can get free online access to The U.S Department of Education website to check on universities and inform you which universities it has accredited. Doctoral programs are expensive and intense and do not fall for any program that tells you that you can complete the PhD quickly and easily; they are probably just trying to get your money.  work the same as on campus PhD’s, most program offer 3 to 4 semesters of full time class work and then require students to complete a dissertation. A dissertation must be the candidates own original work and will require presentation to a committee in which the candidate will defend their research and methods. Once this is completed the student will officially be awarded the degree and have the title of doctor.

Some of the top doctoral fields of study offered at online schools are; psychology, education, engineering, public health and business. Regardless of which field you choose make sure you research the field, the potential advancements that a PhD will grant and the potential income advances. Typically, a PhD professional will earn $37,265 more per year than a bachelor’s level candidate will. Although some tout that PhD’s can be earned free, this is typically untrue. Some programs will offer stipends to cover some of the costs, however there will still be many costs passed to the student for PhD studies. Make sure that the program you are picking offers a clear picture of the costs associated with their degrees, read the fine print. Getting a PhD may be a difficult and rigorous and costly adventure so make sure you are prepared. A PhD offers you room for advancement and opportunities and may be well worth the expense and time investment.



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