Creating Best Selling Perfumes

Creating Best Selling Perfumes


At a point in time, perfumes were reserved for the top people in society; those who could afford the expensive products for personal use or gift items. Since that early beginning, perfumes Best selling products on etsy have been used as a means of determining a person’s personality or taste, a practice which is still very much in evidence today. During the pioneering period, fragrances were mainly in perfume oil format, made with heavy florals and used by both sexes. These days, perfumes come in a variety of forms and fragrances for men and women; some are even created for children.

In recent years, there has been a dramatic upsurge in the amount of people creating their own perfumes. In fact, the most obvious evidence of this trend is the sheer number of celebrity perfumes released annually. For instance, you would have to live on the moon not to have heard of Lady Gaga’s newly launched perfume or how Justin Bieber’s making a boatload of money from his new perfumes.

So, what does a non – celebrity, interested in making their own perfume have to consider to get the ball rolling? While perfume making can seem like an unattainable ambition to the average person, it doesn’t really need to be. Anyone with the right amount interest, determination, and the right information can give it a good go in one form or the other. If you would like to design your own perfume to sell, here are a few pointers on things to consider.

Popular Perfume Trends

In order to create commercially successful best selling perfumes, you need to research the current day’s hottest perfume trends. You should also follow industry reports on what people are wearing, to help you decide what types of fragrance to produce.


Are you planning to make your blends yourself or commission a perfume designer to help bring your ideas to life? If you will be making your own blends, you will need to educate yourself about what , in what concentrations and where to buy them from. One of the biggest challenges of any business sourcing top quality supplies at the right price. This process can be made much easier by following credible industry recommendations and it can save you a lot of time and money wasting.


From the types of bottles you will be using to the labels and outer packaging, all this will need to be decided. In addition, depending on the types of perfumes you want to create, it is always wise to put some thought into the branding of your product.

Selling Outlets

Are you planning to sell your blends online or aiming at big distribution outlets?

There are many platforms out there through which you can sell your creations, apart from private websites; you can sell on eBay, Etsy or other online outlets that allow you to sell your products via their shopping cart system.

Hope you’ve found this article helpful; it covers some of the points to consider if you like the idea of starting your own perfume making business. There are many people out there who are bringing their dreams to life and creating wonderful perfumes from home to sell to a willing and hungry market. If they can do it, so can you, once you’re equipped with the right information.


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