Applying Perfume and When Enough is Enough  

Applying Perfume and When Enough is Enough  

When applying perfume you will want to begin from the bottom up, preferably layering the scent as you go with the use of matching perfume products from scented soap, lotion, perfume, oil and powders. Get the very best effect when using your favorite men or    corporate event singapore,   womens perfume, whether you buy your perfume from a wholesale perfume or an online discount perfume dealer.

When applying perfume you want to place it on your pulse points, as this will help the aroma of the perfume you use. When using perfume, place a dot on each of these areas.

– Inside of ankles

– Inside the back of knees

– Inside the folds of thighs

– Hipline, either side

– Beneath each breast

– In the cleave

– Nape of the neck

– Behind the ears

– Inside crook of elbows

– And if not wearing scented antiperspirant, a touch within each arm pit

Applying perfume in this manner will add a layered effect to the perfume you wear. If you prefer a lighter dusting of perfume, you can simply spray a bit of the perfume into the air and walk into it, this will lightly cover your body with your favorite scent, rather than a more concentrated covering of perfume.

When wearing perfume, you must always take care as to not to apply to much perfume, as enough is enough and there are others who have adverse reactions when influenced by particular types of perfume ingredients. When someone wears too much perfume, the fragrance becomes obnoxiously overpowering, and for some can cause illness. You know when someone is wearing to much perfume when you can actually taste the fragrance they wear.

Wearing too much  in small areas can cause serious to mild allergic reactions in some individuals, even if they are not wearing any themselves. Although it is easy to tell when someone is wearing more than enough perfume, it is not always easy for a wearer of perfume to know they have been applying too much perfume; this is because no ones sense of smell is the same. Never spray perfume directly on your clothing, you can use perfume samples of your favorite perfume as sachets to scent your clothes.


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