Engage a Voice Trainer Or Buy Singing Software – Which One Will it Be?

Engage a Voice Trainer Or Buy Singing Software – Which One Will it Be?



Why singing software?

We all have some natural singing ability don’t we? So why are we not all some singing sensation with staggering record sales singing behind our names? What separates the idols from all of us? Well, one huge factor that immediately comes to mind is the very fact that most of us are not trained singers! Most of us have never been through any kind of vocal class or received any singing instructions! Well, a singer without any formal vocal training would seriously have to consider either engaging singing tutors or buying singing software to help them with their singing. That’s right! It is the training that makes all that difference, even superstars undergo vocal training in some form or another.

Watching the American Pop Idol show opened my eyes to this very fact, that most professional singers get singing tutors to assist them in becoming better singers. It is also common knowledge that there are some famous singers who got popular without any formal vocal training exercises, like Ray Charles but most would have been aware that they needed to enroll with singing tutors at one time or another in order for them to reach super-stardom. One would also have to remember however, that during the Ray Charles era competition in the music industry was not anywhere near where it is today.

Should I buy singing software or get a voice trainer, one may ask?

So the question that most people ask and I’m certain you will be asking yourself as well is: do I engage a voice trainer or do I buy singing software to help me in learning singing?

A Voice Trainer:

To be honest with you, finding a good voice trainer can be a bit tricky as well. The issue here is that there are now so many so called singing coaches out there proclaiming to be nifty singing tutors, a qualification obtained from just reading a few e-books here and there. This is inherent in an unregulated industry which lends itself to many tricksters. You might be fortunate to have a friend recommend a good vocal trainer or perhaps a few singing tutors but believe you me they are too far and between these days.

However, it is perhaps very important to realize that 1) singing tutors are human beings, that there will be a voice trainer/student relationship that will need good management and 2) the singing exercises from a in-person instructor will come at a much higher price than if you’d buy singing software.

Also do remember that your vocal cords do need to be relaxed so as to obtain the best tones. As such a strained relationship with your voice trainer might lead to you having to change singing tutors ever so often.

Singing Software:

The easiest way of doing away with these risks is to buy singing software. Do remember also that vocal training software is essentially a voice trainer without complex management issues. Vocal training software is acclaimed for helping users correct their pitch as they can record their own voice and play it back for voice recognition on their PC or mac.Learning singing using a learn to sing CD of a famous and proven vocal trainer can far out-weigh receiving vocal training exercises from an in-person voice trainer. Not only is it much cheaper than hiring an in-person voice trainer but you can also work at your own time in the privacy of your own home, in a way giving yourself your own private singing lessons from your own voice trainer!

Did you know that many singers who have pitch problems actually blame tone deafness when tone deafness is in itself very rare? If you have pitch problems, they are probably the result of one of these common issues:

*Instrument Problems
*Volume, particularly in live performances
*Note Recognition
*Physical Obstacles:Vocal chord tension and chronic health problems, Sinus infections, colds, and allergies

Pitch Problem Solutions

Record your voice as you sing along with different notes played on a properly tuned guitar or piano. Play back the recording to see which notes need more work. You’d obviously have to buy singing software to do this although there are a couple of free ones out there as well. After a week or so, you will hear a noticeable difference in how well your voice matches the notes.You can also purchase vocal training software that comes complete with headphones which allow you to listen to your own voice as you sing. You can control the volume of the playback as needed.

Lots of people really struggle to sing in a variety of keys and I’m one of them! For a fun way to exercise your voice and expand your range, you can try any karaoke software that lets you sing along with a few songs. If you can get to see the stats at the end of each song on your pitch and how well you matched up with the original singer, the better.

Once you’ve discovered the cause of your pitch problem, you can of course take steps to fix it. If it’s just a matter of instrument tuning and volume, it should be a quick fix. Get a tuning device to help you get your instruments on the right pitch, or adjust the volume as needed.

For volume related problems use special in-ear monitors when you are performing live. Loosen up your vocal chords by warming up thoroughly before you sing and do stretches to loosen up your other muscle groups as well. Stand up tall when you sing to give your lungs room to expand. If you’re suffering from an illness, give yourself and your vocal chords time to rest and recover.

The only challenge with using vocal software is if you run into a challenge as support may be limited.

What you will learn

Most good singing tutors will have a vocal training exercises plan for you. A good vocal class normally begins with breathing exercises, good singing posture training and understanding the role of the larynx. You will find out how remarkable your voice can get when you mastered only these three singing exercises.


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