Obtaining Personal Loans With Bad Credit  

Obtaining Personal Loans With Bad Credit  

Many factors can affect your credit rating in a negative manner. Some reasons are sickness, loss of a job, poor managing of finances, overusing credit cards, a very messy divorce or just plain bad luck. The effect of these factors on your credit can be devastating.    personal loans for bad credit    However it is possible to get personal loans with bad credit, but you do have some other options to consider.

Personal loans for bad credit are available with some points that need to be known. They will come with shorter terms, higher penalties on late payments, quicker reporting to the credit agencies and higher interest rates. This can be a great resource if you find yourself with a less than stellar credit score for any reason.

A shorter term means that you will be paying that principal down for a shorter period of time, but the interest will be higher. If a loan is quoted with a longer term like 5 or 7 years, this may lower the monthly payment, but it also means you pay more interest money over the term. Usually, the loan company will not even lower the rates on longer terms if your credit is poor.

Loan companies make their money on two things; interest and late fees. That is plain and simple and we have already seen how the interest can be a factor. Late fees are better known as “penalties” and are assessed to you whenever you miss a payment due date. These fees can be as much as 15% to 20% of the payment amount, depending on the lender. They will also report that negative info to the credit reporting agencies quicker.

So how can you get a personal loan with bad credit? You have a few options and here is a list to help you:

  1. Call the three credit reporting agencies and obtain a FREE credit report. You are entitled to one each year at no charge. The three agencies are TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Get all three and compare them. Not all creditors report the same. Use this information to pay off some old debts and raise your credit score before you apply for the loan.
  2. Hire a credit counselor to help you repair your credit rating. This can help you in a lot of ways. Get out of debt, keep your credit cards and avoid bankruptcy.
  3. Look for loan offers that have an introductory period of some kind. Make some purchases in that intro period and pay them off before it’s over. Then just hold the card and watch your credit score rise.
  4. Apply for department store credit cards. These also can help raise the credit score as long as they are kept up to date.
  5. Do what you need to do but make at least the minimum payment or more BEFORE the due date. This will ensure that your payment is posted to your account by the due date. Paying bills on time is the number one way to raise your credit score.

Now these are methods that can help you raise your credit rating. But if you find yourself in a position where you need a loan for a car, home repair or other personal needs, you can get personal loans with bad credit. It just costs a bit more. You may try several ways to rebuild or just build a credit score that works.


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