Hotel Italia – Hotel Reviews

Hotel Italia – Hotel Reviews

Hotel Italia is a neat and cozy hotel situated only 20 minutes from the famous Siena. Its attraction is its great location that provides tourists with a great spot to call home. Its cozy atmosphere and cheerful staff are also among the many quaint qualities that make this hotel a popular site for travelers. In the summer there is access available to a   cialis generico 5 mg durata effetto     swimming pool and tennis court provided free of cost. Their lovely breakfast is a hearty buffet full of sweet delicacies and delicious appetizers from the fine Italian chefs in their kitchen. Other features include a TV room, bar, and a lounge with internet access.

From hotel Italia, you can enjoy a pleasant twenty-minute stroll through Italy’s streets to get to its historical center, Siena. Buses are also available in case you are not in the mood for walking. Thirty meters or so from the entrance of the hotel, you can catch buses to almost anywhere you want to go in the city. If you are going to stay long in the marvelous medieval city, you will find hotel Italia a home away from home. Not to mention, your bank balance will heartily agree with their rates.

Travelers who have visited give valuable insight into the hotel’s atmosphere, management, and afford-ability. A mature couple appreciated the traditional ambiance. The convenience of the close by attractions was what they enjoyed the most. While they agreed that the hotel had admirable staff and quaint conditions, they did not agree with the value for money. Another married couple with a family of two children loved the family friendly features of the indoor environment. They enjoyed the large breakfast buffet and large bedrooms. However, they believed the rooms should have had a divider for the children.

Apart from the occasional complaint, the accommodations received astonishingly good reviews. Most people commented on the convenient location, others commented on the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. Others enjoyed the traditional style of the hotel. Another man, liked the way that the hotel linked to a five star hotel nearby which allowed the guests to use its swimming pool, tennis court, gym, and other facilities free.


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