Gold Standard, ‘ey? So, What’s in It for ME?

Gold Standard, ‘ey? So, What’s in It for ME?

Really, I’m serious. I have published a lot of heavy articles dealing with important issues regarding Gold and the Unadulterated Gold Standard; articles about the big picture, about the mechanisms of the Gold Standard, about the history of Gold, about the economic impact of Gold circulation, etc. etc… but no articles about the effects   Gold Finger Prints    of an actual Gold Standard on an actual, average person.

Well, this series of articles tackles this very issue. Why indeed should the average Joe or Jane, someone in the middle of the earnings range; the wage earner, the retiree, the new graduate starting their economic life… why should they be interested in Gold or a Gold Standard?

After all, Gold is for the rich, right? And isn’t Gold in the Central Banker’s vaults just a ‘tradition’? Isn’t Gold a ‘Barbarous Relic’? And surely, there is not nearly enough Gold in the world to replace the trillions of Fiat paper currency in circulation? And, if there was a Gold Standard, how would that affect ‘ME’… ? The average ‘ME’ in the world has very little if any Gold… so introducing a Gold standard would not be fair to ‘ME’… would it?

Any time I start musing about the Gold Standard, I see a powerful, emotionally charged (for me) image. It is an image of my long departed father. Whenever my father recalled his youth, telling me about his adventures… and misadventures… as a young man in Hungary, he would inevitably end up reminiscing about the ‘peaceable days’… and every time he did, his eyes would take on a soft, far away glow; his features would become gentle, relaxed, indeed he looked like he was reminiscing about the Garden of Eden.

Well, as a young boy I was not sure what he meant, but the emotional impact stayed with me… understand that my father was not generally ‘soft’ or ‘relaxed’. Even so, I eventually came to understand that by ‘peaceable times’ he meant the times before the madness of ‘The Great War’, WWI.

Much later, after I studied Austrian economics and met Professor Fekete and attended his Gold Standard University Live, I came to understand even more; namely WHY pre WWI days were of such a magical quality, a magical quality never to be seen again… I learned that it was because before WWI the world economy ran on the Classical Gold Standard.

Imagine a world where your wages are paid in real, actual Gold and Silver coins… not scraps of paper subject to bankster and G’man whims ( G’man is American slang for all government… including corrupt, power seeking politicos, entrenched, uncaring bureaucrats, torturing secret service apparatchik… all of them ); but solid, real stuff that cannot be ‘printed’ at some crooked politician’s whim, real stuff that actually gains purchasing power over the years. Imagine that if you simply stash some of your wages in a pillow, and do nothing else… you will become richer every year.

Because that is what happens under a system of honest money; as the economy grows, as more productive technologies are created, the cost of producing, transporting, and retailing falls… so the price of everything slowly, gradually falls as well… and your wages and savings are worth more every year… without the need for a raise or a promotion… and without the need for some risky ‘investment’.

Imagine a world where you get to actually keep your hard earned money… instead of having it confiscated by G’man, by bankster interest charges, and most insidiously by so called ‘inflation’… more precisely, by ‘monetary debasement’.

Because that is our world under Fiat paper; prices of everything rise instead of falling, wages never keep up with price increases, and any savings you may be able to scrape up will be destroyed by the evil of ‘inflation’… but Mr. Bankster says ‘some inflation is good for us’… yeah, good for him and his bankster buddies… certainly not for the rest of us. He has a printing press… we don’t.

Imagine a world where war is very rare, because no G’man can afford a major war under Gold. Indeed, as the war clouds gathered before WWI, the pundits predicted that no major war could last more than a few months, because the combatants would run out of money… run out of Gold, that is. War is extremely expensive, both in wealth and in blood. The Gold Standard was sabotaged so the G’man could print endless paper currency to pay for the evil slaughter of WWI.


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