Falling in Love: How to Find Your True Love  

Falling in Love: How to Find Your True Love  

First and foremost, it is necessary to realize that there is someone out there just for you.

Everything in creation has its counterpart, and yours is there also. You just haven’t found him or her yet. It’s possible — just a little bit possible — that this may be your fault. But we’ll soon fix that! Check out the rules of love below, to make sure that you too can qualify   Your Sweet Love Store    for “happily ever after”.

# 1: The Prime Directive: Pursue the person with a good heart. It seems obvious right? Wrong! We are culturally conditioned (primarily by the media) to look at almost everything “butt” the heart (pun intended). You remember that quiet, geeky girl cashier with the glasses who checked you out at the grocery store? No? Well, she actually really was “checking you out”. She’s a little bit quiet and sensitive, but has a fantastically fun and interesting side that she shows to people that she is close to. But you’ll never find that out. Do you know why? Because you never got past her “geeky” look, so it never occurred to you look at her as a woman, and you didn’t notice how she smile a little more sweetly, just for you, before you walked away.

Searching the heart, is the surest and straightest path to finding “the one”. The heart – however else you want to label it (character, value set, creed, personality) — represents who we really are underneath. It is the single entity hat expresses itself a thousand different ways and in all aspects of our life. It’s the driver behind the wheel of the mystery that we call a “person”.

Every other superficial factor that you thought mattered, well, those are just dangerous lies that stand between you and your true love. Does the guy you date have to have six-pack abs? Does the girl have to be stereotypically “hot”? Does he have to make a six-figure salary? Does she have to be from the same profession as yourself? The same race?

If so, I sincerely hope you submitted your list of requirements to God before he created your significant other, and sent a memo your soulmate as well, so that he or she can have all their ducks in a row when you guys finally bump into each other at the supermarket.

Because if you’ve established such an artificial screening process, for so natural a matter as the dynamic between a man and woman, then you will likely end up screening out your true sweetheart before he or she even has a chance to say “hello”.

Are you looking a little more closely at someone who you think could become special for you? Then don’t focus on how brooding and whispery he may act (“just like Ryan” in your favorite soap opera). Don’t get fixated at how pretty (or plain) her face might be. All of that superficial nonsense fizzles out after just a few months of real intimacy. Instead, look at how he (or she) treats people, when he really doesn’t have to care how he treats them. Do they take advantage of, or try to bully or dominate others? Are they selfish and self-absorbed? Or do they support, encourage, build up and protect those around them? Do they have a deep and thoughtful side, or are they shallow and preoccupied with material concerns only?


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