Wooden Ship Model – What is It?

Wooden Ship Model – What is It?


So you have always wanted to own a ship but never got the chance to get it? Of course it was too expensive to buy and more expensive to maintain. Well, here’s one way to get to it. Make yourself a wooden ship model. The model ship would look almost real –   kit scientifique

though of course it is miniature and it is all handcrafted.

Wooden ship models or wooden boat models are replicas of the original, scaled to size. They are usually handcrafted and can be modelled to the ship or boat of your choice. You can choose the model you want to make a replica of – be it a schooner, a sailboat, a clipper or anything you wish. These models are smaller in size and they have been worked by you. It is your choice to create the model boat and ship of your choice. Choosing the type of wooden model ship or boat is up to your interest. If you are interested in history then you would probably want to go in for making a model the old shipping vessels which were normally made of wood.

You have a wide choice of ships ranging from the ancient to the modern. And you do not have to restrict yourself to just ships; you can have your choice of boats and schooners too. These model ships are scaled representations of the original ships. They can range from a scale of 1/6000 to anything larger. And the best part of this is that you get to work on your ship yourself. You can even get to add details on the ship which you think may enhance the outcome.

This craft of model ship and model boat building is almost as old as ship building itself. In the earlier days, wood had to by cut to size and designed and moulded into shape. But today it is made much easier with model ship kits and also model boat kits. They come in a wide variety offering you a great choice. It is interesting to work out the intricacies of design and size, and finally when you see the replica it is indeed a most thrilling moment. All you require to make the model ship or boat is just time and energy and of course the passion to see the project through.


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