How Long Should You Rest Between Workouts and

How Long Should You Rest Between Workouts and


A question that comes up a lot is how frequently should you train each body part to stimulate maximum muscle growth? I know a lot of programs out there let you train each body part only once or twice a week.

I myself tried these programs for many years and i honestly did not seem to get any results.Your muscles need   how long do you have to workout to see results

rest to grow, be careful or you will over train I was told.

Well as it turns out i achieved the best results by training each body part at least 3 times per week. The reason being that muscle tissue actually starts to break down after 72 hours. I actually have put this to the test and it works.You see apparently you should rather be worried about under training than over training for the most part. This however does not mean you can never over train, you should always still follow a well structured program giving the muscle enough time to recuperate and watch out for signs of over training if you have been training for a period of time.

What are the signs of over training? It can include restlessness, insomnia, elevated heart rate and pulse,lack of interest in training, constant muscle soreness or soreness in the joints and again by following the right program you should rarely experience the above symptoms, but if you do maybe you should have a lay off of about a a week or so to let the body fully recover.

You should therefore structure your workouts in such away that each body part is trained at least 3 times per week and focusing on power, endurance and specifically training for muscle growth for each body part.


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