Always Bet On The Celebrity Imposter

That Beau Bridges sure is a decent football trainer.

Gracious, stand by, that is not Beau Bridges on the University of Nebraska sidelines? Truly? It's some man named Bill Callahan, who took the Oakland Raiders to the Super Bowl however was inelegantly terminated only a year later? Hm. All things considered, I'll bet Callahan is one hell of a B-film entertainer.

Callahan's Cornhuskers have a New Year's arrangement in the Cotton Bowl this year, which is a fine milestone on Nebraska's re-visitation of football significance. Not that the Cotton Bowl is considered "major" nowadays (except if, that is, you likewise think about the Capital One and Outback Bowls "major"). However, the way that the 'Huskers are in any event, playing on New Year's is a demonstration of a lovely huge turnaround from Callahan's 5-6 introduction season, only two years prior. Monday morning in Dallas, however, Nebraska will be acquainted with a totally extraordinary sort of feline: the Auburn Tigers.

Reddish-brown hails from the much-ballyhooed SEC, and as such draws raves it hasn't reliably procured in '06. They have an awesome front seven on protection, moored by DE Quentin Groves and LB Will Herring, which creates one of the more fierce pass surges in the country. CB David Irons is a great cover fellow who likewise can hit, and keeping in mind that Auburn's safeguards have been conquerable on occasion, the group regularly creates such a lot of push in advance that contradicting quarterbacks can't complete a ton way downfield. This protection will presumably be the best Nebraska has confronted throughout the year. Yet, the Tigers' offense simply isn't excellent. RB Kenny Irons is a genuine genius prospect, however has been restricted throughout the season by toe, lower leg and shoulder harms; the long cutback between standard season's end and New Year's will help him without a doubt. Be that as it may, if Nebraska's brilliant, they'll make Auburn QB Brent Cox beat them. คาสิโนฝาก wallet While Cox had a culmination rate more than 60% this season, he just tossed 13 scores to nine capture attempts, settled on an excessive number of terrible choices, and had such a large number of SEC challenges (LSU, Arkansas, Georgia and Alabama, at any rate) where he was more block than help.

I'll confront realities: Auburn should dominate this match conveniently. They have a superior family, a quicker safeguard, greater lines and have played a harder timetable. They overturned then-#6 LSU and #2 Florida. They cover you on protection. In any case, there is something in particular about the Tigers I don't trust. It returns to a year ago's bowl game against Wisconsin, when the Tigers were pulverized by a big deal longshot Badgers crew, 24-10. It proceeded ahead to the home drubbing, while undefeated, because of Arkansas, just as the games they most likely should've lost at South Carolina and Mississippi. Also, it positively incorporates the mysteriously un-grasp 37-15 home misfortune to Georgia. Eventually, you need to quit tuning in to the publicity, and accept what your eyes advise you. My eyes disclose to me that Auburn's offense isn't adequate.

Under Coach Bridges, er, Callahan, Nebraska's offense is awesome, and (I accept) better than Auburn's. QB Zac Taylor will be the main part in this game; he tossed 25 TDs and only seven capture attempts (three of them against Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game) while dispersing at any rate 12 gatherings to nine distinct collectors. The Huskers' pass offense yielded the very same number of yards per game as USC's did in 2006 (tied for seventeenth broadly), and their surge assault, moored by arising junior RB Brandon Jackson (951 yards hurrying, 5.3 yards per convey), positioned 25th broadly, with 175.6 yards per game. Furthermore, Nebraska's surge safeguard is awesome, as well: Jay Moore, Barry Cryer, Ola Dagunduro and Adam Carriker are athletic and difficult to move at the mark of assault, and added to a run guard that, genuinely talking, was in reality somewhat better than Auburn's. Where Nebraska can be misused - and where Oklahoma burnt them to the tune of 265 yards - is in their energetic optional.

In any case, I think the mix of a respectable pass surge and Brent Cox at QB for Auburn conceals for this shortcoming. Taylor won't toss for 300 yards and five TDs against the Tigers' safeguard, however he'll play better compared to he did against Oklahoma. Nebraska's 28-10 misfortune at USC right off the bat in the season is likely generally informative: Taylor didn't turn the ball over and scrambled for Nebraska's just score. Around there, Callahan just steered off Taylor to the tune of 16 absolute pass endeavors; I think the Bridges-resemble the other the same gained from his slip-up, and will allow his best player really to go out and attempt to win the Cotton Bowl, instead of not lose it. I award you, Nebraska was out cushioning their numbers against the soft lower part of the Big 12 while Auburn needed to play against the country's most profound group. In any case, while Auburn kept on being surveyors' dears up until that Georgia misfortune, they were 2-6 in their last eight games against the spread, 2-5 ATS in their last seven non-meeting games, and 1-6 ATS in their last seven games as a top choice. Paradoxically, the revamping and underestimated Huskers are 8-3 ATS in their last 11 non-gathering games, 5-2-1 ATS in their last eight games by and large, and 4-0 ATS in their last four games falling off an ATS misfortune. This is an extreme protective battle already in the works, and Auburn's safeguard will most likely be the best unit on the field. Yet, Taylor will be the best player on the field, and as long as the game's in Cox's grasp (no insolence proposed to the young fellow personally), I like Nebraska's odds.

These Auburn players are similar children who've failed to meet expectations (particularly upsettingly) in a few defining moments tracing all the way back to their '05 bowl game, and who most likely should've lost in any event two a greater number of games than they. And keeping in mind that Nebraska truly hasn't had a super-enormous win since bringing down Michigan in a year ago's Alamo Bowl, I think the astute folks actually recollect the feeble '04 Husker group, and aren't giving sufficient credit to the work superstar faker Callahan has done. All things considered, I'm willing to take Nebraska (+2) as a dark horse to cover against Auburn.

Customary Season: Our last pick of the school football standard season, San Jose St. giving four against Fresno St., was a generally simple cover, as the Spartans won against the adversary Bulldogs, 24-14. That assisted us with wrapping up another effective school football season, with a general record of 9-5 against the spread. Hopefully we can keep it going through the bowl season.

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